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M5 Panama 2011
Getting it ready
M10 II side view
M5 close up
M5III working rear 2

Roto Rainers for dirty water or thin slurry

Ingeniously simple, Briggs award winning Roto Rainers provide an efficient, low cost method of disposing thin slurry and dirty water. Application rates of 5mm or less can be achieved with all models to fit in with dirty water disposal guidelines.

The low trajectory of throw keeps the height of the liquid well under 4m which also fits in with 'best practice' guidelines for the application of dirty water or slurry.

How does it work

As fluid moves into the boom it starts to revolve, tripping the automatic start mechanism. The revolving boom drives a toothed drum on which a wire rope is wound. By anchoring the rope at the end of the run the machine is pulled towards the anchor and travels along until an automatic stop mechanism puts it out of gear.

At the end of a run the drive mechanism is tripped into neutral and the auto shut off valve is closed, shutting off the water supply, causing the pump to switch off.

All Models can be used for clear water irrigation - see the 'Amenity' tab above

M2 Rotorainer 3
M5 III On turf 2

Roto Rainers for amenity

The Roto Rainer is an incredibly cost effective machine for the irrigation of grass areas of all shapes and sizes.

  • Golf courses
  • Rugby, cricket and football pitches
  • Parade rings
  • Show grounds
  • Horse arenas

The main features are as follows:

  • Low pressure operation - only 2 bar required on the machine
  • Small droplet size
  • Fully galvanised for long life
  • Turf nozzle package for a uniform application
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Up to 5 travel speeds
  • Application rates from 5mm to 50mm depending on model of machine
  • Flow rates from 2m³/hr to 20m³/hr

Roto Rainer features

  • The boom's low height keeps drift and smell to a minimum.
  • The unit has a low energy and low pressure requirement (2 bar on the inlet to the machine).
  • A choice of up to five travel speeds allows application rates from 5-30 mm to suit conditions.
  • Three models are available (Model 2, 5 and 10) giving runs from 150 to 300 metres and widths between runs of 18 metres to 27 metres.
  • Can be used as a dirty water or clean water irrigation machine.
  • Simple, reliable auto start drive mechanism. This avoids the need to return to the machine once the wire rope is pulled out. 
  • Specialist materials and treated components are used to keep maintenance and replacement parts to a minimum.
  • Galvanised finish for long life.
  • Automatic shut off valve and out of gear mechanism is standard.
  • Flotation tyres for low ground pressure.
  • Flexible rubber nozzles (Models 5 and 10) help to pass the solids normally carried in dirty water without blockage.
  • Clean water nozzle package available for amenity applications.

Folding booms

Roto Rainer Models 5 and 10 can be supplied with folding booms to reduce the machine’s overall length when being towed or for storage.

Rubber nozzles

Flat rubber nozzles are standard on the Model 5. Rubber cone nozzles (as shown in the photo) are standard on the Model 10 and optional on the Model 5.

PVC layflat hose (medium duty)

Medium duty PVC layflat hose can be supplied. Maximum working pressure is 8 bar. For higher working pressures use heavy duty layflat hose or MDPE.

Heavy duty layflat hose

Heavy duty drag hose as used in umbilical slurry systems or working pressures of 5-12 bar.

Camlock type couplings

Camlock coupling sets can be supplied for all models of machine.

Bauer type couplings

Bauer coupling sets can be supplied for all models of machine.

High ground clearance

For higher ground clearance this option has a raised chassis.

Clean water nozzle kit

The turf nozzle package includes 3 x aluminium taper nozzles - one for each end of the boom and an intermediate nozzle for one side of the boom. This intermediate nozzle improves the overall application uniformity.

Quick release mechanism

Quick release mechanism to release rope tension safely at end of run. Standard on Model 10, optional on Model 5.

Roto Rainer weights and dimensions

Machine Type Length A (without boom) Width B Height C Boom Length D Folding Boom Length Weight
M2 1.65m 1.0m 1.05m 5m n/a 66kg
M5MkIII 2.0m 1.3m 1.35m 7m 2.8m 100kg
M10 MkII – 200 2.25m 1.5m 1.3m 7m 2.8m 110kg
M10 MkII – 300 2.25m 1.5m 1.3m 7m 2.8m 112kg

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Roto Rainer specifications 


Model 2

Model 5 MK III

Model 10 MKII/200

Model 10 MKII/300

Run Length – m (ft)

150 (495)

200 (660)

200 (660)

300 (990)

Wetted Width  - m (ft)

18 (59)*

20 (66)*

25 (82)*

25 (82)*

Area Per Setting – ha (acres)

0.27 (0.67)*

0.4 (1)*

0.5 (1.2)*

0.75 (1.9)* 

Hose size – m (ft)

75m x 32mm PE or 1” layflat  (246 ft x 1”)

100m x 40mm PE or 1¼” layflat (330ft x 1¼”)

100m x 50 or 63mm PE or 2” layflat (330 ft x 2”)

150m x 50 or 63mm PE or 2” layflat (495 ft x 2”)

Flow Rate - m³/hr (imp gpm)

2 – 3.2 (7.3 – 12)

4 – 6 (14 – 22)

6 – 20 (22 – 70)

14 – 20 (50 – 70)

Depth Of Application – mm (inch)

2 – 17 (1/12” – 5/8”)

4 – 36 (1/8” – 1 3/8”)

5 – 48 (3/16” – 2”)

5 – 48 (3/16” – 2”)

Run Time - hours

5th gear, 2.5 hours

4th gear, 3.75 hours

3rd gear, 5 hours

2nd gear, 7.5 hours

1st gear, 15 hours

5th gear, 4 hours

4th gear, 6 hours

3rd gear, 8 hours

2nd gear, 12 hours

1st gear, 24 hours

5th gear, 2 hours

4th gear, 3 hours

3rd gear, 4 hours

2nd gear, 6 hours

1st gear, 12 hours

5th gear, 3 hours

4th gear, 4.5 hours

3rd gear, 6 hours

2nd gear, 9 hours

1st gear, 18 hours

Pressure - minimum–bar (psi)

2 (30psi)

2 (30psi)

2 (30psi)

2 (30psi)

Boom Length –m (ft)

5 (16.4)

7 (23)

7 (23)

7 (23)

*Wetted width and area covered are dependent on pressure, boom length and nozzle size