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PVC-O Pipe & Hydrants
Aluminium Pipes & Fittings
Layflat Pipe & Fittings
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Underground & Overground Main, Hydrants & Fittings

  • Complete pipe systems and hydrants can be supplied with both underground and overground pipe choices.
  • We manufacture fully galvanised in line hydrants compatible with modern PVC or PE pipes and fittings.
  • PVC repair couplers stocked in sizes 110, 160 and 200mm.
  • Bespoke hydrants, road crossings and fittings can be made on request.
  • Steel and aluminium overground pipes can be supplied with Bauer or Wright Rain type fittings.
  • Layflat in lengths up to 200m can be supplied in diameters from 2" up to 8"

PVC-O 16 Bar Pipe

TOM PVC-O PVC pipes - 16 bar rated (PN16).
Molecular orientated PVC pipes offer high pressure performance with excellent hydraulic characteristics at a very competitive price.
1. Thinner wall than standard PVC offers and increase in hydraulic performance.
2. Lightweight - the thinner wall gives a lighter pipe making it much lighter and easier to handle and install.
3. Seals - Locked in ring seals ensure a perfect water tight fit.

PVC couplings

Used for coupling galvanised hydrants and fittings to PVC-O pipe. Available from stock in 110, 160 and 200mm diameters. Other sizes available on request.
Elbows (90, 45, 30, 22 and 11 degrees), repair couplings, step couplings and flanged couplings can also be supplied in PVC.

Galvanised Hydrants

A full range of fully galvanised hydrants can be supplied fully compatible with metric PVC-O or PE pipes. Please see 'technical download' section for more details. We have:
1. In line hydrants
2. end hydrants
3. Inlet hydrants
4. T - pieces and elbows
5. Offset hydrants

Air release valve

Air release valves can be supplied. These should be fitted at high points in the water main to prevent water hammer in the pipeline.

Aluminium Pipes

A full range of aluminium pipes can be supplied with a choice of Bauer or Wright Rain type compatible ends. See 'technical downloads' for detailed specification.

Aluminium Fittings

A full range of 4" and 5" aluminium fittings can be supplied - many from stock.
In line hydrants, in line T's, end of line T's, elbows, increasers, reducers and valve elbows are all available.
We have the facility to make up bespoke fittings if required compatible with Bauer, Wright Rain, Farmland or Perrot type couplings.

Gollmer & Hummel Layflat Hoses

A complete range of layflat hoses can be supplied - many from stock. See 'technical downloads' for full product details.
1. Hilcoflex Agro Extra - Used for boom connectors and high use umbilical slurry systems.
2. Hilcoflex Agro - Drag quality for hosereel connectors, boom chassis hoses and high pressure water main.
3. Hilcoflex - Slightly lighter than Hilcoflex Agro but still a good high pressure water main pipe.
4. PVC-M - Medium duty PVC hose often used on Roto Rainer systems - 7 bar pressure rating.