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Briggs Diesel Engine Irrigation Pumps

Quiet, economical and powerful, Briggs pumpsets have proven reliability and feature a range of labour saving options.

The pumpsets are based on JCB's modern, British-built Ecomax range which are fully compliant with the latest emissions regulations and also offer improved fuel economy, low noise levels and enhanced power and torque. Five engine sizes are available, from 74 - 173 hp, driving Caprari centrifugal pumps with Briggs engine protection systems and throttle controllers.

Bunded fuel tanks are standard and fitted within sound proofed casing (optional), the sets are safe, secure and robustly engineered for continuous use under farm conditions. Non soundproofed models are also available.

With 12 volt electric primers the sets are particularly easy to use and the optional mobile phone autostart system can save time, effort and money.

JCB have thoroughly tested the unit and have approved the installation of the engine. This means that we can offer a 1 year parts and labour warranty on the engine also backed up by the UK JCB Powersystems network of dealers. 

It is essential for the warranty to be valid that genuine parts are fitted during the warranty period and that the correct grade of lubricants are used.

Genuine parts are competitively priced and general servicing can be carried out by any competent fitter.

We offer a choice of colour scheme - Briggs blue or NATO green.

Acoustic canopy

The canopy has been designed to allow correct airflows for cooling the range of engines being offered. This has been checked and verified by JCB's own technical department.
Excellent noise reduction is achieved with the use of rockwool which has better insulation characteristics than foam based products. The rockwool is encapsulated within the panels so that it cannot come free or unstuck in the long term. The acoustic canopy reduces noise levels to 70dB @ 7 metres @ 1750 RPM
The canopy offers excellent access to the engine and pump with five large lockable doors. The only parts outside the canopy are the inlet and outlet pipes.

Briggs Control Panel 11

Most of the engines will be the 100 or 114 HP models with turbocharger and intercooler. It is best practice with a turbocharger to operate a cool down process when irrigation is finished so that the turbo charger has some time to cool. Our control panel has a digital logic controller which allows us to set the parameters necessary for warm up and cool down procedures.
This panel utilises 1 x 0 - 20 bar contact pressure gauge so that the operator can set the target output pressure. There is also an alternator driven tachometer, and a water temperature gauge on the facia of the panel.
The control panel displays the reason for the shut down when it occurs and allows you to set various parameters such as warm up and cool down times, high and low flow rate shutdown figures, start up over ride times etc.
There is a run time timer constantly on display which can be set without having to go into the settings menu.

Bunded 1500l fuel tank

Fully bunded 1500l fuel tank with galvanised lockable security cover over fuel filler cap.

12 Volt electric primer

There 12 volt priming system is designed to prime the pump in a technically correct way. e.g. Fill the pump with water and then start the engine. This is a heavy duty vacuum pump and as an example can prime a 6 metre x 6" diameter suction hose with a 4 metre vertical lift in 20 seconds.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold & Silencer

Throttle controller

This device automatically adjusts the engine RPM so that when the flow rate changes the pressure remains constant. i.e. if the pump is supplying 2 machines and one stops, the engine RPM would be automatically reduced to keep the pressure constant.

Radiator Water Level Switch

This is a probe type sensor which is mounted directly in the back of the radiator. It has a built in override timer so that the engine does not cut out due to the 'sloshing' effect which can occur when the thermostat opens and water exchange is taking place.
There is an access hatch in the roof of the canopy for the radiator cap for water level checking and topping up.

Suction Hose

Heavy duty suction hose resists collapse, particularly in very hot conditions.

Basket strainer and Footvalve

The heavy duty plastic suction strainer is a robust alternative to the conventional wicker basket unit. It is made to replicate the flow characteristics of the wicker basket but is more durable. It is available in three sizes: 4", 5", and 6". The unit bolts to the foot valve which is designed so that when the pump is stopped the water in the pump does not leak back to the water source and therefore keeps priming to a minimum.

Mudguards and pipe storage brackets

Moving between sites is easier and cleaner with these fitted.

Detachable Drawbar

For theft prevention remove the drawbar.

Galvanised lockable fuel filler cover

Galvanised lockable fuel filler cover supplied with high security padlock.

Door handles, locks and hinges

Door handles / locks and hinges have been selected to offer good strength and security. The doors can be retained open so that in windy conditions operation of the unit is easier. The door catches are excellent quality lockable units as used on many Caterpillar vehicles.

Interior Light

For good visibility at night an interior light is fitted as standard inside all acoustic canopies.

Engine Oil Hand Pump

To facilitate oil changes an engine oil hand pump is fitted as standard.

Exhaust Raincap

Fitted as standard on all pumps.

Hand Primer

Fitted as standard to all pumps as a back up primer. Can also be used to drain water from the area under the engine if required.

Engine & Pump Anti Vibration Mounts

Anti vibration mounts are fitted to all engine and pump mounting points as standard.

Remote Start / Stop & SMS Alert System

Facility to start pump unit remotely via your mobile phone. A SIM card is located in the pump control panel and when a call is received a warning noise is activated for 10 seconds (along with an external flashing beacon), the electric primer is activated for 20 seconds and then as soon as priming is complete the engine is started. Once the engine is running an ‘Engine Started’ text is sent to the operator. The engine will not start if priming is unsuccessful and the pump will have up to three attempts at priming. When the pump stops, a text is sent to the operator. To restart after a normal shutdown simply call the unit again.


Can be supplied either mounted on the pump or separately with fittings required. Can also be supplied with a pulse output which will give the facility to stop the engine in the event of 'HIGH FLOW' or "LOW FLOW".

Flow Switch On Delivery Pipe

This ensures that the engine is stopped if the flow stops. A probe type switch is used which is far more reliable than the traditional paddle type switches.

Delivery hose

Heavy duty layflat delivery hose can be made up to any length with any type of fitting required.

Road Lights

Skid Base

Pump units can be supplied on skid bases with or without incorporated fuel tank. Skid bases incorporate fork lift pick up points and bolt down locations.

Non Acoustic Pumpset

Pump units can be supplied without acoustic canopy if required. The control panel on these pumps is mounted inside a waterproof lockable enclosure.

Slurry / Dirty Water / Digestate Pumps

Slurry pumps can be built utilising the Criman range of pump units.