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Dirty Water and Digestate Disposal

VR5 4 wheel chassis tractor hydraulic drive
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VR4 90 500 Dual Drive Hosereel

Hosereels, booms and pumps for dirty water or digestate disposal

Our complete range of hosereels can be adapted to irrigate dirty water, including waste water from beverage and food processing, or thin digestate slurries from anaerobic digesters.

The hosereels are fitted with a reliable diesel engine to provide hydraulic power or can be powered directly from the tractor hydraulics. The reels are designed to operate at relatively high speeds to give low application rates (as low as 3-5 mm). This complies with current guidelines for slurry and digestate applications of 25-50 cubic metres/hectare.

All our booms can be adapted to work with these liquids. There is a choice of nozzle types depending on the dry matter percentage and viscosity.