Briggs Racecourse Irrigation

Our irrigation systems are the preferred choice for racecourses throughout the UK, in Ireland and around the world. The booms provide an unrivalled uniformity of water application due to the close spacing of the nozzles (1.5m) and low pressure operation creating large droplets to avoid wind drift.

Our range of irrigation booms can work with high volumes of water under and high speed providing a uniform application in all but the worst of conditions. Hydraulically raised booms accommodate courses with jumps and our simple bend peg system keeps the booms on track in the tightest bends.

Our racecourse hosereels are powered by reliable and efficient diesel engines, providing versatile and easily managed irrigation on any course.

For smaller areas such as the parade ring our turf specification Roto Rainer can also be an ideal solution.


Briggs Racecourse Irrigation