The increasing demand for efficient ways of irrigating digestate and dirty water onto growing tramlined crops - without the use of heavy equipment - has encouraged us to design an irrigation system specifically for dispersing dirty water from farms or factories or digestate from AD installations.

All models of booms can be used to irrigate these liquids from widths of 18m wide to 72 metres wide.

Splash plate slurry nozzles are fitted to prevent blockages and nozzle pressure is less than 1 bar, which maintains a large droplet sizes to prevent atomisation and smell due to wind drift.

Coupled to a tractor hydraulic driven or diesel engine/hydraulic powered hosereel, the boom operates at relatively high speeds of between 50 and 200 metres per hour. Up to 500metres per hour drive systems can be supplied on request. Application rates can therefore be as low as 2-3 mm.

The system is ideal for contractors who need to clear tanker loads quickly and safely as well as farmers wanting to spread the liquid onto tramlined crops. 


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