About Briggs

Briggs Irrigation was formed in 1985 and has developed an expanding range of successful irrigation and dirty water dispersal systems.

Early success came with the company's range of self travelling rotary irrigators or "Roto Rainers". The "Model 10" was awarded the highest accolade in the agricultural machinery world - a prestigious Gold Medal in the Royal Agricultural Society of England Machinery Award Scheme - and soon led the market.

Still in production, and now sporting a number of design refinements, the Roto Rainers continue to offer effective, economical and environmentally friendly dispersal of dirty water.

Since the early '90s the company has concentrated on boom irrigation for farmers, growers and groundsmen. Working closely with each sector, Briggs Irrigation now makes and markets a range of advanced irrigation booms, used by successful UK farmers and increasingly on farms around the World.

Briggs booms are manufactured and maintained from the company's purpose-built factory in Corby - a convenient location for all parts of the UK.

The company also markets its own brand of hosereels and ancillary equipment including pumps and high tech control systems.

Despite continued expansion the Briggs team, lead by Directors Adrian Colwill and Paul Lawlor, believe the company is still small enough to care but big enough to cope with the demands of the modern irrigation market.